Does the Pain of Childhood Abuse Keep On Hurting?

 Counselling Can Help You Heal and Move On
With Your Life

Childhood abuse can be devastating and life-altering.  If you are like many abuse survivors, you may have been grappling with the effects of abuse throughout the course of your life.

Child Abuse comes in many forms:

  • Physical Abuse – slapping, punching, kicking, forced confinement
  • Sexual Abuse and Incest – exposure to sexualized talk or images, sexualized touching, forced to perform sexual acts, rape
  • Neglect – Being deprived of:  adequate shelter, food, emotional care, social supports, health & dental care
  • Emotional Abuse – belittling, shouting, name calling, shaming

If you’ve suffered from abuse, you likely can relate to at least one – possibly more – of the types of abuse listed above.  While experiencing abuse can be harmful in itself, it’s the long-term effects that can be challenging to deal with.

Here are some effects of child abuse that may bring you to therapy:

  • Feelings of shame and self-hatred
  • Fear of abandonment or difficulty trusting other people
  • Strained or conflictual family relationships
  • Depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Flashbacks or sense of reliving the trauma
  • Dissociation – feeling numb or like you’ve left your body
  • Desperately wanting to be ‘normal’, but not knowing what that is
  • Under or over protective parenting of your own children
  • People-pleasing and difficulty saying ‘No’ to others
  • Compulsive behaviours or addictions (E.g. alcohol or drug abuse, eating disorders)
  • Avoidance of sex, difficulty saying ‘No’ to sex, or having many sexual partners

Child Abuse Can Affect Every Part of Your Life

  • You may have this horrible feeling that you are different from everyone else, that you are bad and broken deep down inside.
  • You sometimes hate your body.  You ignore and neglect your body’s needs.  You may even hurt yourself or allow others to harm your body.
  • You have difficulty letting anyone get close to you because that way no one can hurt you ever again.  Or, maybe you get too close to people who repeatedly hurt you.
  • You might feel really messed up with your sexuality. You either avoid sex because it feels dangerous and disgusting, or you can’t say ‘No’ because you were told that’s all you’re good for.
  • Your feelings are confusing and mysterious to you.  You don’t know how to talk about them and they often overwhelm you.

You May Feel Hurt and Broken Today Because of Your Past, But Recovery is Possible!

With the Help of a Skilled Counsellor, You Can…

  • Feel proud of who you are and what you’re doing in your life
  • Experience genuine love, trust and deep connection in your relationships
  • Feel connected to your body and enjoy using all your senses
  • Learn how to ‘say what you mean’ and ‘mean what you say’
  • Nurture emotions like happiness and gratitude
  • Learn to trust and value your own instincts and opinions
  • Find a comfortable balance between hanging on to your kids and letting them go
  • Experience wholeness, peace and intimacy in your sexuality

Here at the Tapestry Counselling Centre we have 25 years of combined experience counselling abuse survivors in a variety of settings, such as child protection services, therapy groups, private practice and community agencies.

We understand what helps abuse survivors grow and heal.  As therapists, we offer you a safe place to tell your story, to be believed, to have your feelings validated, to be freed from the past, and to move toward a better future.  You can take hope in the fact that recovery and healing are possible.

Tapestry Counselling Centre is a Place Where You Can Be Healed and Restored to Wholeness…

Give Us a Call Today to Further Your Recovery:

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  • Phone: 604-876-7600
  • Email:  info@tapestrycentre.ca
  • Address:  #203-4381 Fraser Street, Vancouver, BC


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