Current Crises & Traumas

Crises and Traumas are unpredictable, painful and sometimes dangerous events that seriously disrupt your life. Crises create intense stress and a host of negative emotions that can cause chaos in your life.

Some typical trauma reactions are:

  • Strong emotions (helplessness, terror, rage, grief)
  • Constant monitoring of your environment for threats to your safety
  • Irritable behavior and angry outbursts
  • Anxiety and constant worrying
  • Feeling constantly ‘keyed up’ or ‘on edge’, easily startled
  • Flashbacks that make you feel like you’re reliving the event
  • Recurring and intrusive thoughts of the event
  • Trouble sleeping, disturbing dreams, and nightmares
  • Difficulty concentrating or focusing
  • Avoidance of any reminders of the event
  • Emotional numbness, shock, feeling ‘spaced out’ or ‘detached’
  • Trouble remembering key aspects of events
  • A feeling that life and the world are unreal or unfamiliar
  • Feeling like you are radically changed or permanently altered

Examples of crises and traumatic events:

  • Sexual assault, rape
  • Domestic violence
  • Child abuse
  • Bullying, stalking, harassment
  • Death or suicide of a loved one
  • Car accident
  • Serious or terminal medical diagnosis
  • Relationship breakup, divorce

A Crisis Feels Like Your Life Has Been Hit by a Tsunami — It Crashes into You and Smashes Your World to Pieces…

  • You’re angry because the world has dealt you a bad hand.  You wonder, ‘Why did this happen to me’?
  • You feel devastated because your life has been altered forever.  You don’t know what to do or even who you are anymore.
  • The crisis is dominating your life.  Your mind is bombarded by worries or bad memories.  You can’t think about anything else.
  • You blame yourself even though it wasn’t your fault.  You feel like you’ve lost control of your life and fear it will never be the same.

Even Though Crises and Traumatic Events May Make You Feel Broken, Counselling Can Help You Rebuild Your Life

With the Help of a Skilled Counsellor, You Can…

  • Learn about the normal human responses to traumatic events and make sense of your reactions
  • Gain skills to manage the physical and psychological symptoms of trauma
  • Regain a sense of control and function better
  • Restore stability and feel calmer
  • Heal your painful emotional wounds
  • Put the pieces of your life back together again
  • Be freed from the burden of trauma
  • Find peace of mind and hope for your future

At the Tapestry Counselling Centre in Vancouver We Will Help You Resolve Your Crisis and Heal from Trauma

At the Tapestry Counselling Centre, we know how to help you recover from crises and traumatic events.  We are trained trauma counsellors, and we use the most current trauma counselling research and practices.

Your experience of counselling will be tailored to your unique needs. We’ll start by listening with compassion as you tell us about what happened to you and how it has affected you.  We will encourage you to share the story of your crisis or trauma.  At the same time we completely respect your needs, so you will decide what and when you share.  We will give you tools that you can use immediately to cope better and stabilize your life.  As our work progresses, we will explore and clarify your specific challenges with emotional coping and daily functioning.  Together we will create reachable goals, develop strategies, and learn new skills.  We’ll help you grieve what is lost and come to terms with changes in yourself and your life.  We’ll support you to develop a new understanding of what the crisis or trauma means to you and how it fits into the ‘big picture’ of your life.  As your time with us draws to a close, you can expect to feel a greater sense of healing and hope for your future.

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